Q1. Consider the following statement regarding CHUNAUTI- 1. It is launched to further boost startups and software products with special focus on Tier-II towns of India. 2. Under this challenge the Ministry of Electronics and IT will invite startups in the following areas of work in Edu-Tech, Agri-Tech & Fin-Tech Solutions for masses only. Select the correct option- a. 2 Only b. 1 and 2 Both c. 1 Only d. None Q2. An Indian Popularly known as Ke Dihua in China, whose bronze statue unveiled at the medical school at Shijiazhuang in September 2020 is a. Dr. C. V. Raman b. Dhyana Master Buddhabhadra c. Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis d. Bodhidharma Select the correct option- a. 1 and 2 b. 2 Only c. 1 and 3 d. 1,2 and 3